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Tupelo Mural Trail: A Unique Way to Explore the Artistic Flair of Mississippi

Discover Mississippi as you’ve never seen before with Tupelo murals on the “Off The Wall” Mural Trail. As one of the most vibrant cities in north Mississippi, this quaint Southern town is packed with history and charm that only those who pause for a moment can experience. When you visit Tupelo, you’ll find some beautiful murals while learning about Tupelo’s fascinating past.

Visitors arrive in Tupelo, Mississippi, by flying into the nearby Tupelo Regional Airport or driving via I-22, which runs east-west through the city for access from Huntsville or Memphis. From Nashville, you’ll arrive in Tupelo while driving on U. S. Highway 78.

Once you’re in Tupelo, you’ll explore the vibrant local culture and take in the sights of the Mississippi countryside. In addition to the mural trail, visit local attractions such as Elvis Presley’s Birthplace Park and the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Off The Wall Mural Trail in Tupelo, Mississippi. Home of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley

The mural trail reveals interesting stories and vividly depicts Tupelo’s history. I discovered something new about this beautiful area with each stop along the mural tour.

The “Off The Wall” mural list (with addresses) is available at the Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau on Main Street. The building is across from the former Tupelo Fairgrounds site, which is now a lovely city park.

Introducing the Tupelo Mural Trail – An Overview

“Off The Wall” is a unique trail spanning eighteen locations. Most are in the downtown area near the shopping district. A few are at locations outside downtown but within a mile or so. These murals showcase themes ranging from city history to Elvis Presley’s music to today’s vibrant culture.

As you scavenger hunt for each mural, you’ll learn about Tupelo’s rich heritage and the incredible artistic talent of the local community. “Off The Wall” is a fun activity that inspired and impressed me.

Where to Find the Murals in Tupelo

Exploring Tupelo and scavenger hunting for the “Off The Wall” murals was so much fun. If you’re wondering where to find the murals in Tupelo, start with Main Street, where you’ll find colorful displays adorning the walls of several buildings.

The stunning mural at Gum Tree Bookstore is worth a visit, as are the others on the Reed’s Department Store building.

Don’t forget to check out the brick walls of Romie’s Grocery and Talbot House Bakery & Cafe for more spectacular street art. With a little curiosity and a keen eye, the murals of Tupelo are a fun way to spend a day.

Reed’s Department Store has been in business since 1905, and the present-day store covers most of a city block. Walk around the entire building and peek in the alleyways for additional intriguing murals.

Book Stack Mural at Gum Tree Bookstore

Book Stack mural at Gum Tree Bookstore in Tupelo, Mississippi

This mural, located at the Gum Tree Bookstore, is huge! It’s light and bright and is a multi-dimensional piece of art. Look closely at the books to see representations from such native Mississippi authors as John Grisham, Greg Iles, and Eudora Welty. The artwork gives subtle nods to the characters in represented literature.

Inside the bookstore, there are, of course, books and gifts, along with some reading spaces. The gift shop items are great for souvenir hunters, and a gift wrap service is available.

Tupelo’s Pretty Unity & Love Murals

This pair of murals are in an alleyway on South Spring Street, next to MLM Clothiers. The vivid colors are sure to brighten your day. Blue skies and floating hearts and flowers are the highlights of this pair of murals.

Circus Murals

The circus comes to town! These are two from the exciting collection of circus-themed murals. These murals seem to reference the circus background of Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ manager. We noticed the circus tent first, then the jugglers. This popular mural collection is in a long alley between buildings. Look for the CREATE building as the starting point.

Tupelo mural Young Elvis

Elvis Murals in Tupelo

There are several paintings related to Elvis Presley, who was born in Tupelo. Visit Elvis’s Birthplace, Museum, and Chapel to learn all about Elvis’ childhood years in east Tupelo. The 1950s Elvis is a closeup of his face. It’s located at the Main Street entry to Reed’s Department Store.

The 1970s Elvis in the white jumpsuit and blue cape is in an alleyway beside Reed’s. The Jailhouse Rock Elvis mural is also on Main Street, next to Kermit’s Outlaw Kitchen.

These Elvis murals collectively express how Elvis Presley influenced American music, from the first guitar that Elvis bought at the nearby hardware store to his influence on all music in the American South.

Historical Landmark Mural at Romie’s Grocery

Romie’s Grocery is a restaurant that offers evening entertainment on the patio. The patio wall has a collage of historical landmarks and images of events and people who have influenced and been influenced by Tupelo.

Chickasaw Heritage Mural

The Chickasaw Heritage Mural, by local artists Lujan Perez and MJ Torrecamp, is located in downtown Tupelo. This mural, located at the corner of West Main and Broadway Streets, celebrates the Chickasaw Nation and their long relationship with the area. The beautiful colors and design of this mural represent a time when Native Americans were living side by side with early settlers in Tupelo.

Greetings From Tupelo Mural

The Tupelo postcard mural, Greetings From Tupelo, is located on the side wall of the Tupelo Hardware Company, where Elvis Presley’s first guitar was sold. This association has turned the store into a cultural landmark, attracting tourists and Elvis fans.

Tupelo Hardware Company’s preservation of its original appearance allows visitors to experience the place where a pivotal moment in Elvis’s life occurred. Local artists Reid Caldwell and Kit Stafford are the creative designers for this popular mural.

Tips for Taking Photos on a Mural Trail

Public art can be a wonderful hobby to explore, whether viewing sculptures in Chattanooga or carousel horses in Meridian, Mississippi.

Some wall murals are quite memorable and worthy of a photo shoot. Here are some tips for taking mural photos.


First, pay attention to lighting. The murals are usually painted on buildings, and the sunlight can create shadows that detract from the image. So, try to go on a cloudy day when the natural lighting is bright but not too harsh. If streetlights are visible, use those artificial lights to highlight the mural or create a moody scene.

If you’re shooting in the evening or at night, bring a flashlight and focus it on the mural. This will help light up some of the darker areas and add depth.


It’s also important to consider the overall composition of your photographs. Search for angles that can emphasize the colors and textures of each mural. Get close-up shots of details and use features like windows and alleyways in your compositions for more dynamic photos. Experiment with different perspectives to make your pictures stand out from the crowd.


Think about the backgrounds for your photos and look around for elements that can add depth, represent the size, or enhance your shot. Colorful doors, plants, street signs, and other details will elevate the photo and capture the mural’s essence even more beautifully.

Experiment with Angles

Sometimes, the street view may not do the mural justice, and taking a picture from above or below may showcase the mural in a new light. Taking photos from different perspectives can also reveal details that may be hard to spot when viewing them directly. For example, the Chickasaw Heritage Mural is very large, so different angles are helpful in attempts to capture an image of the entire art piece.


Murals are intricate masterpieces that require a pause and a close-up. Take time to figure out the meaning behind each mural, as you would for artwork in a museum. Then let your camera capture a compelling photography story to document your adventures.

Finding My Inspiration on the Tupelo Mural Trail

Each “Off the Wall’ mural in Tupelo inspires the viewers with vibrant colors and intricate designs painted on the city’s brick walls. Each mural captured a special moment in time. It is a great experience to document a fun weekend getaway through the lens of a camera.

Amazingly, something as simple as a mural can ignite the imagination and stir emotions. The Tupelo mural trail gives an insight into what the city has endured and overcome.

The vibrant, colorful murals of Tupelo, Mississippi, mimic the cultural vibrancy that lives and breathes through art. They pay tribute to the creative spirit of this Southern city. Each mural is special and memorable, from museum-quality portraits to simple pieces with color explosions.

For those looking for a place of inspiration or an outlet to unplug and relax, the Tupelo mural trail is a lot of fun. Although each mural tells a story, guests in Tupelo will discover a personal meaning that resonates with them. And at the end of it all, visitors have an incredible experience documented forever through photographs and memories that will last a lifetime.


The Tupelo Mural Trail is an incredible way to explore the artistic flair of Mississippi. From Elvis Presley’s iconic murals to the Chickasaw Heritage Mural, there is something for everyone in this vibrant collection. Start your adventure at the Tupelo Visitors Center, just across the street from the Elvis Homecoming Statue, for a full list of the local murals and addresses.

When taking photographs on a mural trail, remember to pay attention to the lighting and composition of your photos, look out for features like windows and alleyways in your compositions, use colorful doors, plants, and other elements as backgrounds, and take your time to appreciate the intricate artwork.

The Tupelo Mural Trail is an inspiring experience that will stay with you forever. Documenting it through pictures will help capture the city’s essence and evoke its unique cultural vibrancy.

If You Go

Tupelo, Mississippi – Tupelo Visitor’s Center

Address: 399 East Main Street, Tupelo, Mississippi 38801

Phone: +1 662-841-6521

The Elvis Presley Birthplace, Museum, and Chapel

Johnnie’s Drive-In

Tupelo Hardware

Elvis’ Tupelo Driving Tour

Hotel Tupelo (downtown) – A boutique hotel just a block from Fair Park in downtown Tupelo.

Hilton Garden Inn (downtown) – A comfortable hotel adjacent to the Cadence Bank Arena and Conference Center.

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