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Simple Rustic CCC Cabins At Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi

Have you ever stayed in CCC Cabins in Mississippi? As an experienced traveler, you know that sometimes the best experiences are found in the places you least expect.

Nestled among lush forests of the northeast Mississippi hillsides lies Tishomingo State Park and its Cabins built by Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) workers in 1938. Let me introduce you to the Tishomingo State Park cabins located near the Natchez Trace Parkway.

If rustic charm is what you’re after, then this tranquil getaway has just what you’re looking for! With over ten miles of trails meandering through charmingly quiet woodlands, and six primitive rock cabins, your time here will provide a unique experience.

What is a CCC Cabin?

From 1933-1942, the United States implemented a remarkable public work relief program known as the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The program was established in response to the severe economic downturn of the Great Depression and was aimed at providing employment opportunities for young men aged between 18-25 who were unable to find work.

The CCC utilized manual labor to conserve and develop natural resources on public lands throughout the country. This included a wide range of tasks, such as planting trees, building trails and cabins, fighting fires, and constructing parks. The program was a resounding success, and it positively impacted the lives of many young men who were struggling during those difficult times.

The state parks in Mississippi benefited from this program in many ways, including some beautiful rustic cabins for overnight guests at various state park locations.

The Exterior of the CCC Cabins at Tishomingo State Park

The exterior of these CCC Cabins in Mississippi is a natural stone, blending seamlessly with the surrounding forest. This article highlights the experience at Cabin #3 in early April. We visited with other cabin rental guests and collected information about their cabin rentals too.

The cabins feature beautiful natural stone and an interior stone fireplace, which makes for such a cozy setting, especially as this night was cool in early spring.

The screened patio areas have swings or rocking chairs, and each unit has a grill and picnic table outside. Picture yourself in quiet seclusion. Although other cabins are visible, there is ample privacy between each building. Our reasonably secluded cabin had well-maintained screened porches on both ends of the cabin. However, we noticed one of the screened porches on a nearby cabin needs minor repair to staple the screen securely around the porch.

There is a covered garbage disposal bin adjacent to the cabin, but ensure the lid is well secured, as any food in the bins may attract animals such as bears or a family of raccoons.

Watch your footing as you approach the cabins, as some of the stones on the walkway are not secure. Likewise, when you explore the area around the cabins, be careful of your surroundings, as there is a cliff drop-off to Bear Creek behind the cabin. Obey the caution signs. Seriously, folks.

Interior of the CCC Cabins at Tishomingo State Park

Step inside the CCC Cabins at Tishomingo State Park and discover a cozy cabin getaway. Notice the attention to detail in the construction of these Mississippi cabins. If you visited the Pioneer Cabin attraction near the entrance to the park, take a moment to compare the similarities of the 1800s log cabin to the 1900s stone cabin construction.

Living Room

The living room is comfortable and has comfortable couch and chair seating for up to four guests.

The cabin’s wood-burning fireplace opens on both sides, providing heat (if you choose) to the bedroom and the living room. The cabin has central air conditioning and heating along with plenty of electrical outlets.

From the living room, I could see the trees and hear the birds and other wildlife, which was ample entertainment for a slow weekend away from home. The cabins do not have internet, wifi, or cellular service, so there are no televisions in any of the cabins. Think of it as a creekside cabin retreat. Relax and unwind without the distraction of personal technology.

cabins in Mississippi Kitchenette


We planned for microwave-ready meals, so everything was simple and easy for our overnight stay. We could have chosen to cook in the oven, on the stove, or even outdoors on the grill. The kitchenette includes a full stove/oven, microwave, coffee maker, and refrigerator with freezer. Basic utensils and serving dishes are provided as well. The dining table offers seating for four guests.

The Bedroom in the CCC Cabin

Our sleeping space in the cabin was fully furnished with two double beds. Bedding, pillows, and blankets were provided for comfortable evenings in the cabin. The night hours were quiet, and we were lulled to sleep by a chorus of crickets and the sounds of gentle raindrops.

The Bathroom

Finally, a standard bathroom is located between the living room and bedroom. This includes a sink, toilet, and shower. Towels are provided, but bring your own personal care items.

Check-In at Tishomingo State Park Cabins in Mississippi

At Tishomingo State Park, the check-in procedures are simple and efficient. After filling out a few forms, guests receive a map of the park and directions to the reserved cabin. Free parking is available on paved pads adjacent to each cabin, and a windshield dashboard pass identifies the vehicle for security purposes.

Overall, the check-in process for the CCC Cabins at Tishomingo State Park was a breeze.

Check-Out Procedures at Tishomingo State Park

At the end of the stay, keys are returned to the desk clerk at the park entrance. If guests depart prior to opening time at the check-out desk, early departure procedures are posted inside the cabins with instructions on where to leave the cabin door key and the parking pass.

Planning for A Visit to Tishomingo State Park and CCC Cabins

When planning your visit, book early because these Mississippi rental cabins tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekends. A 50% deposit is required when the reservation is made, with the remainder due upon arrival.

While the cabin has the essential items for an overnight stay, these other items may be useful to bring along to make your stay more comfortable:

The park does not have a restaurant or grocery store, so bring sufficient food for your stay or visit one of the neighboring towns for restaurant meals.

Summary of Tishomingo State Park Cabins in Mississippi

Overall, Tishomingo State Park provided a comfortable and relaxing cabin rental. The rustic CCC Cabin #3 was well-equipped. This cabin was clean, and the bed was comfortable. These are not luxury cabins and could benefit from some updating. Some graffiti markings inside the cabin were unsightly but did not detract from the cabin’s functionality.

The cabins in Mississippi at Tishomingo State Park are a great option for a weekend getaway. The cabins are surrounded by natural beauty, and the screened porches provide an excellent spot to relax and enjoy the scenery.

The rustic interiors are cozy and inviting, and the wood-burning fireplaces and central air conditioning/heating make for a comfortable stay. Overall, we highly recommend these cabins for a rustic and peaceful getaway in Mississippi.

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