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Appreciate the small items in your life and experience less anxiety and reduced stress. Yes, it’s true!

People who appreciate the small blessings and little things in life find ways to encounter joy in everyday moments. They resist the urge to let little situations bother them. In fact, it’s those little things that they learn to enjoy and embrace.

Blessings of Travel

For instance, while traveling, suppose there is a problem or delay at the airport security station. A deeply stressed individual is going to blow things out of proportion and yell at everyone –even when they may have inadvertently misunderstood the rules and requirements.

The appreciative person is going to calmly figure out how to solve the problem and work with people to resolve the issue. They will also think it’s not that big of a deal and quickly consider viable alternatives to the issue at hand.

An example comes immediately to mind. After a grueling week of long days in Washington DC, we were faced with a long security line and little time to ensure that we reached the flight on time. I recall chatting about alternatives and later flights. By relaxing and enjoying the final hours of our vacation, we were through the line with minutes to spare…or so we thought.

Our flight was not canceled but we encountered a four-hour flight delay when we reached the boarding gate, gasping for air after our sprint.

I turned to John and said “These are the moments that separate the travelers from the travel writers. Let’s go!”  Within a few minutes, we trekked to the other side of security and discovered the Abingdon Plantation ruins near the parking garage.



The ruins connect the modern airport with the days of George Washington, with the plantation formerly owned by the Custis family and the plantation site is on the National Historic Register. It’s only a portion of the original estate and grounds, but there are descriptive markers and places to sit, beneath the shade of a tree, and watch the airport traffic in the sky. For us, the time away from the airport bustle was exactly what we needed to bring a calm end to our travels.

We turned a bit of lemon into lemonade and stayed in the small park for a while, taking photos and enjoying the sunshine.

Choose Natural Remedies for Stress

Who would you choose to willingly associate with, the nagging person who doesn’t appreciate anything or the person that appreciates everything? It’s likely you chose the more appreciative person. This person will also be able to handle major issues since he or she is at ease handling the minor ones.

It is true that appreciative people have lower stress than people who are not. However, this is not a way to reduce stress completely. Appreciative people still need to eat correctly and exercise well. Even if there is room for improvement in that area, appreciative people will quickly adapt because they have the right attitude.


Be grateful for what you have and who you have. When you take the time to be grateful, you will start to relax as a byproduct of this change. You’ll stop jumping to conclusions, and you’ll look for ways to solve problems in a relaxed manner.

Meditation and Physical Exercise

You can also use exercise and relaxation techniques such as meditation and massage. There are hundreds of guided meditations available on YouTube. My favorites are less than thirty minutes in length and produced by “The Honest Guys” with a calming British voice for most of the meditations. Try a few and discover what works best for you.

Essential Oils

Essential oils can add a boost of energy or ease you into relaxation. Lavender is a favorite for airplane travel to help with sleeping. Small closet pouches or scented cloths are ideal for airplane travel – compact and non-liquid. These can be readily available in a carry on bag. Essential oil diffuser necklaces are another heavenly alternative for long travel days.

Keep trying different ways to relax but above all, be appreciative of your entire life. Others will be attracted to you as they recognize your positive energy. They will also be more willing to follow your lead and share goodwill towards others along life’s journey.

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