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Experience the Rich History of Mississippi Writers in Jackson

The Mississippi Writer’s Room is a fun discovery. Are you a literature buff or a history enthusiast? Have you ever wanted to explore the career and influence of Mississippi’s most respected writers? If so, the Mississippi Writer’s Room should be on your list!

Mississippi Writer's Room Welcome Exhibit

Permanent Exhibit Review: Mississippi Writer’s Room at the Eudora Welty Library

This permanent exhibit at Jackson’s Eudora Welty Library pays tribute to the state’s most celebrated authors by proudly displaying their works alongside other influential pieces from Mississippi.

It is a must-see for any literary fan, historian, writer, or poet looking for a fun learning experience.

Whether traveling across this great state or just passing through downtown Jackson, I invite you to join me in celebrating what an incredible legacy these writers have created.

Overview of the Eudora Welty Library – What to Expect

Step right into the literary wonderland of the Eudora Welty Library, nestled in the heart of downtown Jackson, Mississippi. As you’re warmly welcomed by the ever-friendly librarian (hey, it’s the hospitality state, remember?), a unique, roofless house-like structure will capture your gaze. Inside this tranquil haven is a place to immerse yourself in the world of Mississippi’s prolific writers.

Meander through the charming 900-square-foot space adorned with insightful photos, books, and artifacts that elevate iconic authors like Shelby Foote or William Faulkner. Let the rich history seep into your soul as you explore the charming nooks and crannies of this book lover’s paradise.

The Mississippi Writers Room-Exploring the Permanent Exhibit

The Mississippi Writers Room permanent exhibit is a great way to learn about some of Mississippi’s best books and most influential authors. This display showcases masterful storytelling and global appeal from playwrights like Tennessee Williams and Beth Henley to novelists Eudora Welty and Walker Percy.

But it’s not just about books.

There’s much to be gained from looking at the context in which these books are situated – how does each author give us an insight into aspects of American culture unlike any other? With stories that reflect on race relations, family dynamics, and so much else, there is something new to discover every time around.

Highlights of the Collection – Authors and Works You’ll Find Here

The collection covers various authors and creative works, from classics to modern masters. It allows visitors to explore the subtle intricacies of some old favorites and discover hidden treasures from lesser-known artists.

Eudora Welty-Writer and Photographer

Eudora Welty was an American author and photographer of profound talent and brilliance. Her writing, photography, and insights into the human condition make her works remarkable. The Eudora Welty House and Garden in Jackson, Mississippi, showcases her life’s work by memorializing the past with artifacts in her home.

As you tour her garden, you will learn about a literary marvel that shaped history through art. There are also outdoor exhibits with native plants to help tell the story of Welty’s lifelong contributions. However, here in the Mississippi Writer’s Room, you’ll find her books, a typewriter, personal photos, news clippings, and quotes on display.

Tennessee Williams – Playwright

Tennessee Williams is a playwright whose works remain beloved by many worldwide. Yet, what many may not know is his deep connection to Mississippi. He spent many of his formative years in Columbus, Mississippi, where he was influenced by the presence of his mother and maternal grandfather and by the absence of his father.

In addition to attending school in Clarksdale, his life experiences living within this Southern state shaped much of his writing, filled with familial characters and backwoods settings. Such intimate knowledge was instrumental in creating works such as The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire, which continue to live on today in theatres worldwide.

William Faulkner-Mississippi Novelist

Faulkner is remembered as a giant of twentieth-century literature. His stories and novels, which revolved around the people of Oxford, Mississippi, and nearby communities, earned him two Pulitzer Prizes for Fiction and the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature (which he received in 1950).

His famous works include The Sound and the Fury and As I Lay Dying, though reading such revered texts reveals complex themes and symbols that permeate his writing. Faulkner’s position as an esteemed purveyor of American culture is undisputed due to his illuminating insights on the trials and hardships many Americans faced during the turbulent years in the country during Faulkner’s life.

Jacksonian and Screenwriter – Beth Henley

As a renowned American playwright and screenwriter, Beth Henley has received many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1981 for Crimes of the Heart. Her work is best known for blending comedy with tragedy, presenting characters in a light-hearted yet thought-provoking way.

Through carefully composed dialogue that humorously reveals inner turmoil, Henley adds depth to her characters and effectively comments on American society.

Many of her works have been adapted into movies due to their humorous yet striking nature, most notably Crimes of the Heart, which accurately captured the struggles of an all-too-human Southern family.

Elizabeth Spencer

Connected to Mississippi in many ways, Elizabeth Spencer is an author and poet born in Carrollton, Mississippi, to a family deeply rooted in the community. Her early novels take place primarily in the South and often focus on the family legacy, home, and identity themes. While she wrote extensively about Mississippi, her works capture universal feelings of nostalgia and longing experienced by people worldwide.

Shelby Foote

Shelby Foote was another renowned author famous for his three-volume narrative history of the American Civil War. Born in Greenville, MS, in 1916, Foote was a proud Mississippian who considered the state his home. Growing up, he was well aware of the Civil War’s legacy in Mississippi. It eventually inspired him to pursue an education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he lived for a brief time. His knowledge of Civil War history and storytelling skills were the perfect fit for camera appearances in Ken Burns’ The Civil War documentary and accelerated his fame as a notable historian.

History of Eudora Welty Library and Downtown Jackson, Mississippi

The Eudora Welty Library, located in downtown Jackson, Mississippi, holds a rich history that carries on the spirit of one of its most beloved former patrons – Eudora Welty herself. Initially serving as a Sears retail store, the building was transformed in 1986 and named after the city’s beloved Pulitzer Prize-winning author.

Over the years, this library has served immense educational value to local residents and visitors alike. From art exhibits to poetry readings to lectures about subjects ranging from politics to religion, something interesting always happens at the library. Merely stepping inside allows visitors to connect with Mississippi’s literary and artistic past and embrace Jackson’s vitality in this bustling city capitol’s downtown area.

Summary – A Highly Recommended Spot for Book Lovers

After visiting the exhibit, it is clear that this spot is a hidden gem for book lovers. There are volumes of books to explore, and the curated pieces in the Mississippi Writer’s Room depict a beautiful cross-section of literature.

Moreover, the knowledgeable staff and volunteers add to the experience by providing helpful answers to all questions. Overall, it provides an unforgettable experience for everyone who visits – a tourist stop we highly recommend!

There’s even more to Jackson than just this unexpected discovery which is not currently listed in the history trail or literary trail brochures. Take some time to explore this beautiful city’s unique sites. You won’t be disappointed and may be surprised at what you discover. Read more about Jackson, Mississippi, and see what hidden gems lie ahead!

If You Go to Jackson, Mississippi

Getting There:

Medgar Wiley Evers International Airport

Dining in Downtown Jackson:

The Old Capitol Inn is just one block from the Eudora Welty Library. This lovely inn has a sunroom, courtyard dining, and a seasonal rooftop bar.

The Nissan Cafe at the Two Mississippi Museums

Hotels Near the Eudora Welty Library:

Old Capitol Inn is located at 226 North State Street (601) 359-9000.

Other Things to Do in Downtown Jackson

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Two Mississippi Museums – 222 N. State Street

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