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Visit The Mississippi Museum of Art

The Mississippi Museum of Art, located in the capital city of Jackson, is the largest art museum in the state. The museum and its outreach programs have thrived as a community-supported institution. We had a wonderful time at the museum and exploring the surrounding area, but there is much more to see and do in downtown Jackson, Mississippi.

The free admission grants access to the permanent collection that focuses on regional artists. There are featured exhibitions from time to time that require ticket purchases. We visited a temporary exhibit during our visit and highly recommend planning ahead to include time for an in-depth experience at this museum.

Next to the building entrance, we scored a parking spot in the lot. There is additional parking on the streets surrounding the building and a commercial parking garage on the next block. There are other major city attractions within a few blocks of this museum, so have no worries about finding a parking place at or near the museum.

Indoors, I liked the open space and the high ceilings with sky views. First, we stopped at the in-house cafe, featuring farm-to-table dishes including salads and sandwiches along with some fresh-brewed flavored teas. The food was delicious and some ingredients were sourced from the outdoor garden, visible from the cafe. Before you go, check with the museum about the cafe hours of operation, or plan to visit one of the larger restaurants available nearby.

Exhibits at the Mississippi Museum of Art

Our second stop was the ticketing desk and then we moved into the spacious exhibit halls. The artwork is placed with care to allow visitors ample viewing scope. I was able to absorb the moment and evaluate my emotions while viewing the exhibits in these uncrowded rooms.

The permanent exhibits portray many cultural aspects of southern living and the Deep South. This collection has more than 5,000 works of art. The Mississippi Story, a curated exhibition of more than 200 objects, vividly tells the history and ongoing evolution of Mississippi's visual arts.

As a native Mississippian, my time inside the museum presented a valuable opportunity to expand my scope of knowledge and to escape into other worldviews for a brief time. Meanwhile, John was introduced to the variety of folk art on display and the extent of Mississippi's visual creations.

The Art Garden

The Art Garden at the Mississippi Museum of Art is an open space in the heart of the downtown business district. Covering just over one acre, this park is essential to the fiber of the city. The visual art in this outdoor space is engaging to visitors and provides workday respite for local residents working in the business district. For example, the walking trail winds by the various art exhibits and murals, but also is within a short walking distance to the local plant displays and the water features.

The Art Garden is a versatile space and it's not unusual to see artists creating while enjoying the backdrop of the city part. The walking paths lead through seasonal foliage, farm-to-table garden beds that supply the indoor cafe and energizing water features.

The Art Garden was my favorite part of our visit to the museum. I can easily imagine a return trip with a journal and a picnic basket on a pleasant day, for instance.

Artist in Residence

The Mississippi Museum of Art offers artist-in-residence programs at the national and in-state levels. These programs facilitate valuable opportunities for interaction with the state and local communities while generating creative works.

The Museum Store

The Museum Store is an extension of the exhibit space and adjacent to the entry and dining areas. The store features work from local artists and books about the area. These are valuable resources for visitors and locals alike. As a result, it was quite enjoyable to browse the museum store after spending time in the exhibit halls.


The museum is easily accessible from either I-20 or I-55 and is a quiet retreat for busy travelers. If you are in the area, take some time to explore downtown Jackson when the museums are open during the day.

Although this intriguing art collection is free for visitors and supported by charitable foundations, we were so impressed that we were honored to contribute a donation in the box at the exit.

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