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Q: How did this travel blog begin?

Gwyn: My passions for travel and crafting date back to my childhood. I read my grandmother’s well-worn National Geographic magazines, fascinated by the beautiful photos of faraway places and spent hours pondering maps and the special inserts.

Those lasting memories are central to the energy of this blog and my understanding of how travel creates a worldwide community of friends

In the Beginning…A brief history of Cabins or Castles

In 2015, I wanted to spend the year re-connecting to my childhood hobbies. I completed a class on website development and blogging became a time consuming, but a VERY rewarding hobby. What began as a place to organize and share information about crochet gatherings on my Crochet Getaway site has evolved in ways I never imagined!

Here’s how we roll when traveling:

As travelers, John and I are open to every experience. In our corporate careers, business travel usually means an overnight stay in an urban area with chain hotels and chain restaurants. However, when traveling on our own, we might stay in a rustic cabin at a state park, or in an RV and enjoy the quiet of nature while cooking on a grill with food from a local farmer’s market.  Not only do we enjoy relaxing in secluded, nature settings, but we equally enjoy luxury experiences.

You’ll sometimes find us vacationing at a spa resort and feasting on multi-course meals.

Gwyn: Whenever I travel, I am on the lookout practical and the artistic crafting experiences. For me, the culture of a place is intertwined with the use of threads, yarns, and fabric.

John: I’m more likely to focus on history and how a place evolved through time, and share our thoughts and perspectives with each other, and now with you!

Together: We’ll bring you our stories, and absolutely want to hear yours.

Let’s Connect:

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With so many ways to connect, reach out to us now. Yes, right now, please. We’d love to get to know you.

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