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I love the mornings. Each new day brings new opportunities for me to start fresh and do better. How you start your day, or more specifically how you spend those first few morning hours, has a significant impact on the rest of it. An early morning routine can channel your energy towards success in any goal that you desire. The universe is open to every possibility as the world begins to stir.

Think of it as setting the tone for your entire day. That’s why making over your morning is so important. It’s about much more than those first few hours.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself. Let’s use the snooze button as an example. You set an early alarm to make sure you have time for exercise, meditation, or just some much needed “me time.” You have every intention of getting up and immediately springing into action when you set the alarm last night.

Some mornings – hopefully, most mornings – you get up when the alarm chimes and go for that walk, do your meditation exercise, or read a book for fifteen minutes or so. Doesn’t it feel great to be in control of your morning and free from chaos?

Then there are those days when you just can’t make yourself get up. You hit the snooze button multiple times, or turn the alarm off altogether and go back to sleep.

If you are ready to start a specific morning routine, just get started! Today is the day to change your life.

This post is part of a series to guide you through the steps of setting a standard, manageable morning routine that you design – with all considerations for the obstacles that you face each day. A routine is a personal thing. Some of these posts are short with thoughts for consideration. Others will have tasks and assignments. Please read the entire series at your own pace.


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