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Strum the Elvis Guitar Trail: A Unique Exploration in Tupelo, Mississippi

Imagine visiting the birthplace of Elvis Presley in Tupelo, Mississippi, while making treasured memories. Experience an unforgettable way to explore the city and its vibrant music scene as you strum along the Elvis Guitar Trail. Bring your air guitar and get ready for a fun day!

Welcome to Tupelo, Mississippi, where more than 25 markers on the Elvis Guitar Trail present travelers with a unique way to discover this Rock and Roll musical town. This unique scavenger hunt takes visitors to Tupelo’s most iconic landmarks, including Elvis Presley’s birthplace and other notable venues like Tupelo Hardware Company (THC) and Fair Park.

Introducing the Guitar Trail in Tupelo, Mississippi

The Guitar Trail is a public art project in Tupelo, filled with artistic renditions of decorated guitars, all paying homage to Tupelo’s rich musical history. Being the birthplace of the “King of Rock and Roll,” Elvis Presley, Tupelo has always had a deep connection with music, and now the city uniquely celebrates music with guitar street art displays.

Tupelo is a Magical Day Trip from Memphis

If you plan to visit Elvis’ Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee, include a side trip for a day or two in Tupelo, Mississippi, which is a short drive to the east. The trail is a great way to explore this vibrant city. Along the route, visitors find wall mural artwork that pays homage to Tupelo’s rich musical heritage intermingled with beautiful guitar art pieces.

The Guitar Trail is fun for visitors of all ages. It’s perfect for families with kids who want to learn about Elvis Presley in his hometown and experience something new together.

The Elvis Guitar Trail takes you through the beautiful city of Tupelo, Mississippi, where the King of Rock and Roll was born. Music enthusiasts and art lovers will appreciate the stunning illustrations on the guitars.

Stops Along the Elvis Guitar Trail

Elvis superfans and casual music lovers alike will find a magical experience in Tupelo, Mississippi, because of the Elvis Guitar Trail. Every stop has a perspective about Elvis Presley or other famous music legends like Louis Armstrong and Mississippi native Charlie Pride.

The trail is full of rich history, so you can learn about the past while admiring creative guitar art pieces that dot its path. It’s worth noting that some display shops and sites are open for visitors who want to learn more about Tupelo.

This charming city is home to a rich history of legendary musicians, and searching for guitars is the perfect way to explore it all. From the Elvis Presley Birthplace, Museum and Chapel to the Tupelo Hardware Company, where Elvis bought his first guitar, every stop offers an opportunity to learn about the fascinating stories that have shaped Tupelo’s musical heritage.

Tips for Taking Selfies at Each Stop of the Guitar Trail

When embarking on the Guitar Trail, it’s fun to capture each memorable stop with a selfie to post on social media using #mytupelo. As technology advances, photography is simple, especially with the convenience of smartphones like the iPhone.

To make the most of your selfie game, try to position yourself in front of iconic landmarks and unique backgrounds that showcase Tupelo’s rich history and culture. Don’t forget to experiment with lighting and angles to capture the perfect shot.

To maximize your experience, take advantage of all the photo opportunities along the route and have fun with it. Remember to use #mytupelo when posting your favorites!

Fun Things to Do in Tupelo

Tupelo, Mississippi, is a town of history and culture. Beyond the connection to the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, Tupelo is a popular destination for history buffs, music fans, and foodies. You can start your journey by visiting some of the city’s iconic landmarks, such as Johnnie’s Drive-In, a popular burger joint beloved by locals.

Johnnie’s Drive-In

It was one of Elvis Presley’s favorite places to eat. When Elvis returned to Tupelo for the “Homecoming” concert event, he went to Johnnie’s Drive-In. A traveling salesman took a photo of Elvis inside the diner. Today, the “Elvis Booth” is ornamented with memorabilia, including the image Paul Cramer shot when Elvis visited his hometown diner.

guitar trail Fair Park Statue

Fair Park

After grabbing a bite to eat, head to Fairpark and enjoy the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. Fairpark District, once the county’s fairgrounds, is a 50-acre urban renewal development with a grassy park for locals and visitors. The park has a playground, splash pad, bench seats, and statues honoring Chief Piomingo and The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. Fairpark is an excellent place to relax in downtown Tupelo.

Elvis Presley Birthplace, Museum, and Chapel

A visit to Tupelo would only be complete with stopping by the Elvis Presley Birthplace, Museum, and Chapel attraction, where you can explore the humble beginnings of the music legend. Inside, you’ll find a museum that houses artifacts and information about Elvis’ years in Tupelo and his rise to fame.

The museum provides an immersive experience of the poverty-stricken era of the Great Depression, which occurred between the two World Wars of the early 1900s. There are three ticketed experiences available and various outdoor monuments, statues, and fountains that guests can enjoy for free.

Downtown Shopping

Reed’s is a boutique department store that offers stylish clothing and accessories. You’ll also find the Gum Tree Bookstore in the same building. Alternatively, you could explore the art galleries and artisanal collections in shops along Main Street when you are in the mood for shopping.

Tupelo Hardware Company

Stop at The Tupelo Hardware Company. This is where Elvis received his first guitar. Today it is a bustling hardware store but has a museum-like element that honors the important event and preserves the legacy of this great musician.

The Elvis Guitar Trail is a Fun Excursion in Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo, Mississippi, is the perfect destination for Elvis fans. Visiting the Elvis Guitar Trail combines history, culture, and music all in one experience.

Tupelo is a city that embraces its musical roots, and the Guitar Trail is a perfect example.

After a day exploring the trail, you’ll see why Elvis will always be remembered as The King of Rock and Roll!

Visit the Tupelo Visitor’s Center for maps and guitar trail guides. Many guitars are in the walkable downtown district, but some are a short drive from downtown near businesses and government buildings in nearby communities.

This guitar search can be experienced any time of year, so plan your trip now. By the way, what’s your favorite Elvis song?

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