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The water features and green space in Central Park are so appealing. Within a few steps from the entry, the tranquility takes hold. The trees rustle with light breezes and leaves flutter to the ground at our feet. It’s autumn, after all. The Pond (as it’s indicated on the map) is a man-made small lake with an arching bridge. It is so picturesque and provides a stunning view of the park and the city. The stone bridge and classic styling (surrounded by large trees and flowering shrubs) makes the ideal romantic setting. It’s no wonder that the bridge is a popular wedding proposal location. Our next stop is a quaint cottage, known as The Dairy. The Gothic architecture reminds me of a countryside chapel however this is the gateway to an area that was originally a working dairy. The dairy offered fresh milk and ice cream, and was an entertainment area for children. This building now serves as the park’s visitor center and has gifts and souvenirs available for purchase. The dairy overlooks the Wollman Rink, giving visitors a view of ice skating activity against a backdrop of urban skyscrapers towering above the tree tops. There are two ice skating rinks in Central Park, which are active for several months each year.

Ice skating rink in New York City

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