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7 Unique and Memorable Places to Stay in New York City

When the sun sets in the Big Apple, the fun begins. But at some point, you’ll need somewhere to a place to stay in New York City. I’m always searching for the best places to stay in NYC near Times Square, Broadway, or midtown Manhattan.

Vacation Rentals in New York City

The first step in finding unique accommodation is to research internet options for overnight places to stay in New York City. I always begin with Vacation Rentals are abundant on the site. Individuals rent out their homes, and bargains are available for the diligent researcher.

Be sure to read reviews and carefully review the photos to understand the room or home you will be renting. Also, be aware of New York City regulations regarding owners who are in the business of renting property. The rules are stringent and consumer-friendly. The intent of recent rules is to ensure the physical and financial safety of city visitors. currently has Manhattan vacation home rentals at less than $250 per night. That’s for a cozy apartment with sleeping arrangements for two. When you rent from an individual homeowner, you may save a few dollars, but the best benefit is that you will likely meet the owner and have a contact person in an unfamiliar city. As I mentioned before, be aware of city regulations regarding individual rentals and hosted vs. unhosted accommodations in New York City.

Places to Stay in New York City – Try Affiliation Accommodations

University Affiliations: 

Embarking on a quest to find remarkable accommodations in New York City often leads to unique options like university inns and exclusive membership affiliations. One such hidden gem is The Penn Club, an esteemed private social club nestled in the heart of midtown Manhattan at 30 West 44th Street. Originally established for University of Pennsylvania alumni, students, faculty, and their families, The Penn Club extends its hospitality to affiliate members with connections to select universities. It’s a truly exclusive experience.

For those seeking an alternative with a distinct educational flair, The Appalachian Loft, curated by Appalachian State University, is a haven in the vibrant Gramercy Park neighborhood. This 4,400-square-foot residence is a welcoming retreat for students and faculty visiting the city. Step inside to discover its spacious quarters, including two large bunk rooms, each accommodating up to ten guests. With shared living spaces designed for comfort and camaraderie, it’s a haven where memories are made.

Photo of Gwyn Goodrow at Central Park in New York City
Visit Central Park in New York City – Photo ©John Goodrow

Church Affiliations:

The Leo House

The Leo House is a quiet Catholic guesthouse near the 23rd Street station in the Chelsea neighborhood. This nonprofit guesthouse extends its hospitality to travelers of all religions, both foreign and domestic.

Seafarers and International House

Another affiliated hotel is the Seafarers and International House, with guesthouse accommodations for sea-bound travelers and sojourners.

Are you a sojourner? Merriam-Webster defines the term as relating to someone with a temporary place to stay.

Count me in!

 As sojourners, we can enjoy a basic room with a bed and desk, which is acceptable for short-term stays. Some rooms have a shared hallway bath. For those on a budget, this is an excellent choice for an overnight stay. This hotel at the corner of East 15th Street and Irving Place in Manhattan is a mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Always be aware that affiliations with churches, universities, and other civic organizations can sometimes reward you with access to unique housing or deep discounts.

Stay at a Museum in New York City

Consider a museum sleepover for a unique experience and an uncommon place to stay in New York City! The American Museum of Natural History has sleepovers periodically for museum lovers, and the grown-ups-only version is a memorable experience. The evening begins with a champagne reception and live music.

Then the fun begins.

Overnight guests are invited to roam the nearly empty halls of the Museum, watch a show in the Planetarium, and enjoy other special exhibitions and displays. While some may stay awake exploring all night, those who want to sleep will find a spot underneath the 94-foot-long blue whale in the Hall of Ocean Life. Join the mailing list for notification about the dates for the adult sleepovers at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

The Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum offers sleepover nights with educational programs. The USS Intrepid is one of the several features at the museum complex. The video presentations are entertaining and educational. There are many interactive displays, and guests can explore three entire floors of the aircraft carrier.

Photo of NYC skyline from the lake at Central Park, New York City
NYC Skyline from Central Park in New York City ©John Goodrow

More Places to Stay Overnight in New York City

Finally, there are options available for more traditional hotel rooms with ensuite bath facilities. Chelsea Savoy Hotel and The Jane Hotel are two long-standing hotels with positive reviews and historical significance.

Chelsea Savoy Hotel

204 West 23rd St. 

The Chelsea Savoy Hotel is highly recommended as an overnight stay for visitors who want to be near the entertainment district and have easy access to a metro station. Conveniently located on 23rd Street, the hotel is near several subway lines. This hotel features rooms with private baths and provides a continental breakfast each morning.

The Jane Hotel

113 Jane Street

The Jane Hotel is a historical treasure and a place where history buffs will love to stay. Her claim to fame is that the survivors of the Titanic stayed at this hotel in 1912. The hotel was relatively new at that time, completed in 1908, and formerly named the American Seaman’s Friend Society Sailors’ Home and Institute. The hotel, restored in 2008, features the style of the early 1900s, with bellhops in period costumes and stuffed monkeys donning fez hats. The Captain’s Cabin has a private bath, but dormitory-style accommodations are also available at this location.

In Conclusion

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps. But when it is time for a few zzz’s to get you through the next day, plan ahead and sleep comfortably in New York City with these unique and memorable options.

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